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Women's Ministry Meeting
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

1:00 p.m

Candle making!!

We will have a class on making rolled honeycomb candles.

Join us in the Fellowship Hall.

Men are also welcome to make candles.

Please Sign up or let Jane or Judy Jeynes know you are coming

so we know what materials to have on hand.

 If you have a heating pad please bring it.
Donations will be accepted and will go to the Women's ministry fund for future projects.

If you would like to bring a lunch sandwich to eat there, do.

Also if you feel inclined to bring a dessert to share we would be happy.

 Tune-up your vocal cords.
We will be obliged to sing "This little light of mine"



A Discipleship Event

Pray and Go

Reach OUR Community

Through the Power of Prayer

With Pray and Go, you can help create a prayer-centered culture in OUR church that leads to outward focus and community impact. This resource walks us through all the steps we need to make prayer a core component of OUR church’s outreach strategy.


 Going More and Praying More.

Consistent and ongoing prayer ministry meets with the consistent and ongoing ministry of the Great Commission where gospel conversations can take place on an ongoing basis. Connect with every single home in OUR defined community and see OUR people become obedient to the Great Commission.


Learn what it means to Pray and Go!

A new email feature has been added to our Prayer Ministry!!

Use the Email app on your PC,  iPhone or tablet and send your Prayer Request to:  

prayer@newhopebc4u.org or continue to use website.



“Sunday Night Place To Be” Bible Study


This is the best-known prayer in the Bible and is important because Jesus told his disciples to pray in this manner. Praying the Lord's Prayer and knowing the main parts of the prayer will enrich your prayer life and will help keep priorities in the right order.

This Lord's Prayer study explores and explains the way that Jesus taught his followers to pray. Each phrase of Jesus' prayer model is examined, using both NIV and KJV Scriptures. This PowerPoint guided study also offers additional Scripture references and examples of Jesus demonstrating God's attributes. This study will also examine:

  • Other prayers in Scripture that follow similar patterns
  • The history of the Lord's Prayer (found in the Books of Matthew and Luke) and why it was different from other prayers of Jesus' time
  • A brief examination of the words "debts" and "trespasses"
  • A chart of the "seven petitions" of The Lord's Prayer that believers can use in prayer to bring Jesus' teaching to bear on their prayer life
  • A chart of six reasons to forgive, the result of forgiveness, and Scripture references.




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